Whitney Houston’s Passing

Whitney Houston

From the Memorial Tribute on Smooth Jazz Magazine.

Lexi Lewis
Contributing Writer – Smooth Jazz Magazine
Shock. Disbelief. Sorrow. These are just simply a few feelings millions of us share, worldwide, about the passing of the beloved Whitney Houston. She had such an indescribable impact on so many people through her music. Her angelic voice was so powerful yet sweet and appealing. Let’s remember her for her love of music and willingness to unselfishly share her voice with us so that we could create everlasting memories based on her songs. Let’s not dwell on her personal tragedies but celebrate the phenomenal entertainer, woman, mother and child of God that she was. Like so many icons before her – she’s gone too soon. May God Bless her family, friends and fans around the world who loved her. Until it is my time to enter the pearly gates of heaven, I can say Ms. Houston “I Will Always Love You.”

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