Roy Ayers – Still Sharp, Still Performing and Quite Funny!

Roy Ayers

While on the Capital Jazz Cruise V, I had the honor and pleasure of speaking with Mr. Roy Ayers.

SJM: Before we start I want to first say Happy Belated Birthday. You had a birthday last month.
Roy: Yes, September 10th (2011). I made the beautiful age of 71.
SJM: Ooo, how young!
Roy: Yeah, it feels good.
SJM: Well you LOOK good!
Roy: Well, thank you very much and you do too! (we’re laughing)
SJM: Let’s talk about Fela. [Fela was a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, pioneer of Afrobeat music and a powerful human rights activist].

Read the full interview at Smooth Jazz Magazine.

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