Review – B.B. King: The King of Blues, Still On The Throne!

It was time for the King of Blues to sit at his throne (the stage) and address the kingdom (the audience). The band came on stage and began to play before B.B. King graced the stage. They performed two musically flawless tunes that immediately infused the audience with a teasing energy that prepped them for B.B. King’s arrival. With the energy level high, King slowly and elegantly walked toward center stage with a smile while throwing guitar picks into the crowd. He carefully leaned toward the edge of the stage and tenderly handed a guitar pick to a little girl who appeared to be no more than nine years old. I hope she treasures that little gift for a lifetime as the vast majority of people can’t say The King of Blues personally handed them a guitar pick!

With his royal entrance over, he took the seat that was awaiting him at center stage, strapped on his guitar (Lucille) and began to speak while the band played background music. He told a story or two as well as an occasional word or two that made you laugh. Once he was done speaking, the legend began to play Lucille. Even at age 87, he doesn’t miss a beat musically or mentally. He’s quick, witty, poised and very funny during his performance. I had the pleasure of seeing him play at Ruth Eckerd Hall a number of years back and I must say that I remarked that his concert was one of the best concerts I’d ever attended at the time. I’m here to tell you, several years later, nothing has changed. His show continues to be one of the best I’ve ever seen. As a matter of fact, I loved his story telling style so much that I was honestly looking forward to him speaking during the show this time! His singing, playing and stories flowed very well.

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