Obba Babatunde

Obba Babatundé’s career has spanned over 4 decades and he is still current! He has accomplished so much both professionally and personally that he has earned every bit of respect that is paid to him. In addition to receiving movie credits, he has received numerous awards and has been honored in various capacities. His tireless efforts and work ethic afford him respectable opportunities that continue to present themselves every day.  Mr. Babatunde is a master of his craft and anyone who has worked with him knows this to be true.

I had the honor of interviewing Mr. Babatundé recently about his views on Black History and its impact on this country and his life.

OM: What does Black History mean to you?
Obba: One’s history chronicles one’s journey which speaks to one’s legacy. I am a part of the legacy of great forefathers and mothers, rich in culture, education and the advancement of civilization.

Read full interview at Onyx Magazine.


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    Continue to keep up the good work Lexi. And may your life inspire many as your role models have inspired you. God bless you always. Any father and mother would be proud of a child like you…well now a woman…and a good one at it. Xxxx All my love – Alicia (Trinidad and Tobago)

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    Hey, I talked with your son over Xbox, you are capable of great things! God has truly blessed you, keep up the works and remember what God had blessed you with, Stay Strong! -Aquatistic Flaz

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