Truth Records’ hot new singing sensation, DeAndre, just released his debut single, “Her Crazy,” on June 4. This single is sizzling with a little reggae undertone that captures you from the very start of the song to the very last note. It was produced by the multi-Grammy-nominee, Cutfather.

You may remember DeAndre (“Dre”) from American Idol in 2012 where his exceptional vocals landed him a Top 10 finalist spot. I had to opportunity to sit down with DeAndre to talk a little about the new song, the video and him….

DeAndre is young, handsome and extremely talented. However, when asked what image and/or reputation would he like to set for himself, he said “Not in any particular way; I just want fans to see Dre. I’m fun, cool, a nice person and not a goodie-two-shoes. Each time I see a fan or when I am on Ustream I try to really bring my personality out so people can see who Dre is; I didn’t get to really do that on the show (‘American Idol’).”

Asked what the word “family” means to him, Deandre got serious.

“Oh my goodness, it means the world to me! I wouldn’t be here without my family because my family is my biggest supporter— and not just blood-related family,” he says. “Family is the people that surround you with love; the people who support you like my hula family, my friends are my family, my DreDreamer family – they mean everything to me and are a part of my life. If it weren’t for my parents and all the people I consider family, I wouldn’t be who I am today, I wouldn’t have the things I have or be where I am today. Family is my life next to God.”

“And, like I said, my fans are my family, and I want them to know who I am so every other day or so I try to get on Ustream to reach out to them. If you’re supporting someone, you want to know who they are, and I want to know my fans, too. When I meet a fan or DreDreamer at a concert, I will sit and talk to them for what seems like days; I”ll be the last one out! Even if I meet someone who is not a DreDreamer, after speaking with them, I hope they’re a DreDreamer at the end of the day.”

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