Charles Glenn – It’s all about that bass

Often times, we focus on writing about the stars with the greatest popularity, but it takes skilled musicians to help those stars do their job. No song sounds the same if the bass guitar is removed: something just feels like it’s missing! I had the opportunity to interview one of the industry’s most talented bassists, Charles Glenn. He’s had an interesting journey I think you’ll enjoy.

OM: You were a Motown bassist and played for notable people. Give the people a little bit of your background.

Charles: I started off as a Motown artist when I was 17. The group I was in had five albums of their own our name was Ozone. We also backed up Teena Marie, DeBarge, Bobby Nunn, Billy Preston and tons of other artists. I went on to play with Little Richard. I have toured with him and I have been his bass player for 30 years.

OM: Tell me a little bit about what you learned from Teena Marie being a part of that funk band.

Charles: When we worked with Teena, it was special because we were all kind of the same. It was all collaborative because it was not like she was so much bigger than us that she said “just listen to what I say”. That made for a good experience for us because we were young. I did learn from being around Teena that having fun makes better songs.

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