Capital Jazz Super Cruise V

Capital Jazz Super Cruise V

The Capital Jazz Cruise V set sail October 23 for a 7 day voyage upon the Caribbean Seas. The original ports of call were Cozumel, Belize and Ocho Rios, Jamaica. However, due to the hurricane the Captain made an adjustment in the course and we sailed to Grand Turk instead of Belize while still visiting the other two ports.

The talent was incredible on the Capital Jazz Super Cruise V! Each day there were performances in the Ivanhoe Theatre which served as the main auditorium. Maysa really set the bar when she performed on the first night of the cruise. The sounds of her sweet voice mixed with her scatting and intense emotion made serious sounds that resonated deep within your soul. Maysa’s expressions were evident in her face, vocals and physical movement. Her show was fabulous! I want to learn how to scat like Maysa! Subsequent performances throughout the week in the main theatre were astonishing.

Nick Colionne’s concert on the main stage was not only phenomenal musically but Mr. Colionne is quite the comedian. As he performed, every so often he’d speak to the audience throwing in a comedic punch in the story he was telling. While I enjoyed him making me laugh, I was more fascinated with the precision in his fingers and deep emotions as he played his guitar. I couldn’t move my hands and make a guitar sing like he can in my wildest dreams./p>

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